VCU Medical Physics Publications - Q1 2018

April 1, 2018

Publications from the VCU Medical Physics Division of the Department of Radiation Oncology from January through March 2018:

  • T. Kim, S. Kim, D. Kim, et al., “Development of real time abdominal compression force monitoring and visual biofeedback system,” Phys. Med. Biol. 63(5), 55014 (2018). []
  • D. Seneviratne, C. McLaughlin, D. Todor, B. Kaplan, and E.C. Fields, “The CivaSheet: The new frontier of intraoperative radiation therapy or a pricier alternative to LDR brachytherapy?,” Adv. Radiat. Oncol. 3(1), 87–91 (2018). []
  • S. Kang, S. Kim, D. Kim, et al., “A method of respiratory phase optimization for better dose sparing of organs at risks: A validation study in patients with lung cancer,” Oncotarget 9(1), 205–216 (2018). []
  • D. Lee, P.B. Greer, C. Paganelli, J.J. Ludbrook, T. Kim, and P. Keall, “Audiovisual biofeedback improves the correlation between internal/external surrogate motion and lung tumor motion,” Med. Phys. 45(3), 1009–1017 (2018). []