Bio sketch and research interests: Dr. Luo joined the Physics and Biology Division of the Department of Radiology in October 2007. He is a clinical nuclear medicine faculty at VCU and radiation safety officer for Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center. Prior to that, Dr. Luo was a nuclear medicine physicist in St. Vencent Medical Center in New York and appointed clinical assistant professor in Medical College of New York in 1995. He also served as medical physicist in Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago from 2004 to 2007. Dr. Luo completed his research project on Monte Carlo Simulation for Compton Scattering Correction in SPECT in University of Michigan Medical Center and received his Ph.D. in Medical Physics in 1993 from Oakland University. His clinical activities include SPECT/PET imaging and radionuclide therapy. Dr. Luo is involved in a number of research projects and clinical trials on nuclear medicine imaging (SPECT, PET and PET-CT) - quantification, artifacts. molecular imaging (microSPECT, nanoSPECT and microPET) - imaging protocol, instrumentation and data analysis, and internal dosimetry for therapy procedures.